Sunday School Teacher Training

Teacher’s training/ Sumi Baptist Church, Dimapur @ 2020
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Teacher who are connected to children, who understand children and are skilled in teaching methodologies are proven as effective agents in faith formation among children. Not only such Sunday School teachers are committed to faith they also develop soul nourishing friendship with children.

SBCD, Child Counselling crash course going on @ Mrs Ikali Anato
Dimapur, SBCD/2020/ @ Miss Elito teching crafts
Teachers’s Training @ Thilixu Baptist Church 2020 @ Mrs, Elivi Kibami
Teachers’s Training @ Thilixu Baptist Church 2020 @ Mrs, Elivi Kibami / Games

If your church has children and are looking to able Sunday School Teachers. Consider contacting us for Sunday School Teacher Training Program. Providing training to your Sunday School Teachers will transform the children ministry of your church.

A step now towards trained Sunday School Teacher is a step to spiritually matured church in the future.

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